VFP C++ (VFP C++ Compiler) 2019
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    Visual FoxPro 9.0 is the latest and the last version of Microsoft's dBASE-
compatible software development platform.

    dBASE was created by Ashton-Tate Corporation, who released dBASE II in 1980.
Fox Software Corporation, the most successful competitor, released FoxBASE in 1984.
Finally Microsoft bought Fox Software in 1992 (for about $173 million).

    When Visual FoxPro 9.0 was released in 2004, after 20 years passed by with
Ups and Downs, Microsoft's data-centric development platform is still used by many
developers and companies. This seems to be a miracle!

    However, VFP always has been a "pseudo" compiler which outputs "p-code" that,
generally, cannot be protected against de-compilation. In fact, there are a lot of
VFP decompilers available, such as ReFox, UnFoxAll and VFPDecoder, to name only a few.
VFP always was - and still is: "only a pseudo-compiler"! This has always been the
weakest point of VFP viewed from the user/developer's perspective. Although there
are some VFP encryption software systems available, none of them is able to protect
VFP's P-code completely against ALL available decompilers!

    What do you think? Is there REALLY NO WAY to make VFP a full-blown native-code
compiler like MASM, C/C++ and Delphi? Today, an old saying comes true again: Nothing
Is impossible! There it is, your native-executable compiler for Visual FoxPro!

New functions:
    We can write INLINE C, ASM STATEMENT in VFP code, such as:
    =[__C MessageBoxA(0,mytext,mytitle,0);]
    =[__ASM CALL MessageBoxA]

2.) Support for INCLUDE C, ASM FILE
    We can INCLUDE C, ASM FILE in VFP code, such as:

3.) Support for MoleBox and Thinstall software
    We can use UPX or other compress software to compress the executable file,
and then use MoleBox or Thinstall packer software to pack the executable file
and add other files (for example VFP's support library files) to the executable
file, as well.

4.) MyCheck
    Include Check Debuger (Anti-Debug) code.

5.) MyEncrypt
    Include current popular encrypt code (for example, AES).

6.) MyProtect
    Compress and Encrypt files before generate the executable file.

7.) Support for Digital Signature compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

8.) Incremental Compile
    Only compile the modified files in the VFP project file, COMPILE FASTER.

9.) Multi-Task Compile
    Run multi-task to compile the files in the VFP project file (for multi-core or
multi-thread CPU), COMPILE FASTER.

10.) 64-bit Compiler
    Compile and generate the Win64 executable files.

11.) Download the demo version:

11.1.) Download VFP C++ Compiler [DEMO VERSION 2019]:

11.2.) Please use 7-Zip to decompress the file, download 7-Zip:

Reference documents:
 VFP C++ Compiler User Manual (read 11037 times)
 VFP C++ Compiler Frequently Asked Questions (read 7575 times)
 VFP C++ Compiler Changes History (read 5386 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix - Report Footer (read 6591 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix2 - Macro Substitution (read 4769 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix3 - Large Procedure in the Form (read 3639 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix4 - Invalid RelationalExpr Expression (read 4560 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix5 - Invisible BreakPoint (read 3864 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix6 - Page Setup Dialog Box (read 2332 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix7 - Varbinary or Blob Data (read 1659 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix8 - Find or Replace Dialog Box (read 2326 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix9 - Replace Command Fields Count (read 1735 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix10 - Access and Assign Methods (read 1601 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix11 - Private Data Session (read 1856 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix12 - File Handle Number Zero (read 1327 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix13 - OS() Function (read 1450 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix14 - Grid.Optimize Property (read 1869 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix15 - Property Names to Lowercase (read 1064 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix16 - ComboBox Control Enter an Infinite Loop (read 1181 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix17 - Saving the Setting of Set Collate to Machine (read 1067 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix18 - Moving the Dockable Windows (read 1287 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix19 - SYS(9000) Enables or Disables Dock the Dockable Windows Automatically (read 1063 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix20 - Header.ToolTipText Property (read 985 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix21 - SYS(9079) Clean the System Data Buffer (read 783 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix22 - Set Resource Off at Startup (read 1093 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix23 - SYS(9001) Enables or Disables Adjust the Precision of the Floating-point Numbers (read 805 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix24 - ROUND() Function (read 1419 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix25 - The Docked Command Window is Shown (read 636 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix26 - The Select Union Command with Memo Fields (read 688 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix27 - EditBox Control Enter an Infinite Loop (read 827 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix28 - Locate Files in the Application Data Directory (read 853 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix29 - ListBox Control Pictures Count (read 645 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix30 - The Top Level Form Caption Disappeared (read 737 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix31 - Font Property Page (read 989 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix32 - GETPEM() Function (read 432 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix33 - ASTACKINFO() Function (read 446 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix34 - DO FORM Command (read 602 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix35 - COPY FILE Command (read 720 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix36 - RETURN TO Command (read 435 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix37 - SYS(9002) Enables or Disables Round the Datetime Data to Integer Seconds (read 377 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix38 - Round the Datetime Data to Integer Seconds (read 399 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix39 - The Default Setting for the PageFrame.RightToLeft Property (read 636 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix40 - Fix the Report Objects are Too Large (read 273 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix41 - Page.Enabled Property (read 169 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix42 - SYS(9003) Enables or Disables Fix the Datetime Data for the VFPOLEDB Driver (read 104 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix43 - Fix the Datetime Data for the VFPOLEDB Driver (read 105 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix44 - SYS(9004) Enables or Disables Fix the CAST() Function for the VFPOLEDB Driver (read 101 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix45 - Fix the CAST() Function for the VFPOLEDB Driver (read 106 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix46 - The VARCHAR(MAX) Fields from SQL Server are Mapped as C(0) Fields (read 163 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix47 - The Selected Report Objects are Printed with Shadow (read 87 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix48 - SYS(9005) Shows or Hides the Printing Window (read 95 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix49 - The Printing Window (read 95 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix50 - SYS(9006) Shows or Hides the Print Preview Toolbar (read 101 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix51 - The Print Preview Toolbar (read 107 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix52 - SYS(9007) Enables or Disables the Print Button in the Print Preview Toolbar (read 101 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix53 - The Print Button in the Print Preview Toolbar (read 98 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix54 - SYS(9008) Enables or Disables Maximize the Report Preview Window Automatically (read 111 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix55 - Maximize the Report Preview Window Automatically (read 138 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix56 - SYS(9009) Enables or Disables Fix the Report Objects are Too Large (read 127 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix57 - SYS(9010) Enables or Disables Fix the Cursor Position is Too Small (read 115 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix58 - Fix the Cursor Position is Too Small (read 201 times)
 VFP 9.0 Fix59 - SYS(9080) Enables or Disables Release the COM Object (read 70 times)

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